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Tattle Systems

Tattle Systems maximize IoT and M2M connectivity. Tattle devices, application and software are completely designed and produced in Canada by North Star Systems engineers. Tattle Systems work as a complete and closed system, connecting the device to the user through any smartphone, web app, or tablet from anywhere. The combination creates an innovative, real-time controlled and remote monitoring and data solution. Client’s operations benefit from increased efficiencies, increased profitability, enhanced safety, sustainability and compliance when utilizing Tattle Systems.

Business sectors include

Oil & Gas
Water Treatment
Fleet Services

Tattle Systems is a tool that supports business operations. Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Real-time remote location, level and data reporting tools define Tattle Systems.

Ease of Use

Plug and play and ready for use in minutes

Track your Progress

One System, one network on one device. Tattle Systems connects to more than 30 different sensors and over 100 applications. Quick remote access to location, level, and speed.

IoT and M2M

Innovative technologies, maximizing efficiencies through the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M)

Tattle Tattle

Tattle Systems use the latest radio technology and frequency (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, xBEE, LoRa and others)


Real-time data reporting


iPhone/iPad, Android and Web browser

Canadian Made Product

Software and Product Manufacturer, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Rechargeable Battery

Solar powered rechargeable battery

Location Display

Legal Land Location in Canada and Public Land Survey System (PLSS) in the USA

Systems Systems
Real Weather Conditions

Location-specific 5-day weather forecast

Remote Control Access

Access Tattle Systems from any device, anywhere


Application Programming Interface (API) and R.E.S.T. integration to other software systems

Data Storage

Secure for up to 5 years


Extremely durable, water and dust resistant that is successfully tested in -40°C to +80°C temperatures


Notifications sent via email or SMS based on user preference

Northstar Systems Inc. Northstar Systems Inc.