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Redfern Farm Services

Having the tattles on our bullets has improved our efficiency. Some of our bullets are located out of town and being able to look and see how much is in the tank in a couple clicks is such a time saver. No more having to drive out to see how much is in the tank. We now know when we are getting low on product and when we are needing a load.

Dustin Redfern, Equipment & Facilities Manager

Richardson Pioneer

The system allowed us to see if the client was moving, which also made it easier to locate them when they needed product and land location. I could also see if the bulk load was delivered to the bullet sites, and how much product we could bring in. The phone app was also great to have so that I could keep an eye on things when away from the office. The system allowed me to better dispatch our TDU's in a more efficient manner.

Fraezor Hillstrom, NH3 Coordinator

Town of Preeceville

We have been using the Tattle systems in our municipality to remotely monitor the levels in our water treatment plant reservoir, well house reservoir and lift station. The Tattles were easy to set up and the system is very user friendly. It has given our water/sewer foreman peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise, he will be immediately remotely notified on his phone. North Star Systems was very pleasant to work with and answered all our questions with confidence, showing great knowledge of their products.

Lorelei Karcha

CMI Ag Ltd.

As the NH3 coordinator at CMI Ag Ltd. using Tattle Systems on our whole NH3 fleet sure has made things a lot easier for dispatching. Now I can monitor all of our nurse tanks and trucks at all times and have a truck there in a timely manner. Having the colour coded tank percentages allows me to have a truck on his way before the producer runs out of product. Having the GPS on each unit is very helpful for giving directions or helping a driver when he is new to the area. Customer service is awesome whenever I have a question I call and they have the answers.

Jesse Talloden

Horizon Fertilizers

Horizon Fertilizers knows when and where their customers are and that they need to be filled in a timely and efficient manner. Tattle Systems saves time, fuel, wages and additional phone calls. A tool that helps Horizon and my customers be more efficient in our operations.

Gary Pappenfoot

Nutrien Ag Solutions

As a logistics coordinator for the company I work for, I just had to let you know that since we purchased the North Star Systems GPS Tattles, it has made my job so much easier and also improved customer relations. This system took all the guess work out of my job and I can now tell our customers, with confidence, when their product will be delivered. I don't know how I did my job before the GPS Tattle System, but I can tell you, I definitely don't want to go back. Thank you!

Lynette Hayworth, Operations Support


We use North Star Systems Tank Tattle to track our bullets and nurse wagons ammonia levels and true time movements. The web site is easy to navigate and read. The colour coded tank percentages give us a quick reference point for all our tanks, which helps us to determine ahead of time which tanks need a fill. Being able to read the speed and location also helps us know which customer may need an upcoming fill and allows us to coordinate the next fill run. This helps us and our customer save considerable cell phone time trying to figure out when a fill is needed and where. The Tank Tattle is a definite asset to our operation.

Steve Allen, General Manager